läsa The distant sound pdf

läsa The distant sound pdf

The distant sound

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Susan Philipsz's work is based in the sculptural qualities of sound. With her idiosyncratic sound installations she investigates the landscapes and history of places, and how sound can both create new spaces and inform existing ones.
With work created for galleries, art institutions, and public spaces all over the world, Philipsz is one of the most prominent artists of our time with, amongst many others, the prestigious Tuner Prize (2010) to her name.
The Distant Sound is a richly illustrated documentation of Philipsz geographically most extensive artwork, which was broadcast synchronously at nine different places along the coast of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway in 2014. Through analogue broadcasts from the World Heritage Site Grimeton Radio Station, daily vignettes from the infancy of radio resounded along ports and islands in three different countries and put the coastal regions common cultural history in perspective.
In addition to the visual documentation from the different sites, the book also comprises an introductory text by Lars Kærulf Møller, the Director of Bornholms Kunstmuseum. Jacob Fabricius, the Director of Kunsthal Charlottenborg, presents an in-depth analysis of the work in relation to Philipszs oeuvre and the historian Tomas Nilson contributes a cultural/historical overview of the geographical region. Lastly, the extensive collaborative project In Site that made the realization of the artwork possible is outlined by its head Anita Larsson Modin.

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